full stack engineer
March 2014 - Present

I work in's messaging team, keeping their vital chat and contacts services working smoothly, and iterating on them constantly to provide a better communication service for employers and freelancers on the site. I work full-stack, meaning I operate on the backend built in thrift, python, and mysql, and I also work on the frontend built in angularjs and jquery.


frontend engineer
October 2013 - February 2014

I developed on contract for Abbrevi8, a Sydney based startup with a mission to deliver valuable insights and information distilled from news and other sources. My role was diverse, creating software and algorithms to reliably extract article text and metadata from arbitrary html news documents, designing and developing responsive and beautiful email templates that were multi-client compatible in zurb ink, and designing and developing the frontend for the service in angularjs and twitter bootstrap.


full stack engineer
January 2013 - August 2013

I built a new version of the internationally successful neuroanatomy atlas Brainstorm, an information-rich, image-based wiki for learning about the human brain. I ported the original desktop application to the web, building the UI and backend from scract around the original dataset using jquery, python and twitter bootstrap. It is currently in use by students at the University of New South Wales.

software development intern
November 2011 - March 2012

Did full-stack development in PHP, backbone.js and jquery for a new initiative of - a marketplace for selling domains and fully-functional websites. Developed a bidding, handover and listings system and trail-blazed the use of twitter bootstrap for rapid front-end development at Freelancer. This work was ultimately developed into Freelancer Sites, released in early 2014.

Rapid Prototyping Services

software development intern
November 2010 - January 2011

Was employed to continue work on software produced in a major project degree course along with another member of my project team. The project consisted of implementing fast 3D mesh manipulation routines used in 3D printing software used at Rapid Prototyping. The routines were for mesh inflation and deflation while maintaining topological consistency (no holes in the mesh). We overcame many interesting machine precision and algorithmic challenges to implement the routines. This project left me with an abiding interest in 3D technologies, of course including 3D printing but also in the value of datasets produced by low-cost devices such as Kinect.

CHAI Lab, University of Sydney

summer researcher
November 2009 - Februrary 2010

Was tasked with investigating the requirements of and developing innovative applications to guide people through installations at the Australian Museum. Developed an iOS application that gave people a set of features to record their museum experience with photos, interface with the Cruzer tabletop at the end of the tour and download their tour, and share photos with other museum visitors.

Cisco Systems

internal technical support
October 2007 - September 2009

Worked in Cisco Global Technical Response Centre (GTRC) supporting Cisco employees over the phone in everyday technical support tasks such as password resets, provisioning computers, damaged or lost equipment, and networking difficulties. Balanced a part-time role with completing my studies at the University of Sydney.